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About Us

Moonglow Lightscaping designs, installs, updates, and maintains high-quality landscape lighting.  We work with the best landscape lighting fixtures available and we stand behind them with industry leading installation and product warranties.

With over 25 years of lighting experience, our team can create the look you've been dreaming about.

We'll visit your home during the day and discuss some options with you.

We'll take some pictures.

Then we'll design the perfect arrangement of lights to fit your environment and we'll show you where the lights will go and what everything will look like at night.

Free Overnight Demo Package

We can install a demo package on your property.


We won't bury any cables or anything, but we'll plug it in and leave it overnight so you can see what your illuminated landscape and home will look like.


You'll be amazed!

Blue Frog Tree.jpg

We'll give you a quote and then we'll go to work. We bury special cable and connectors 6" deep without disturbing your lawn or landscape beds, and we'll hide the fixtures as well as we can so you only see the light and the shadows. The result is positively magical. Contact us today!

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