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DIY (Do It Yourself) Process
How Does It Work?

We're going to need some information so that we can do an evaluation and consultation about your property.  Most importantly, we need to see it. Since we can't be there in person, we need your help.


We'll need your address. We'll ask you to send us a few really sharp, clear pictures of the areas you think might benefit from low-voltage landscape lighting. Don't take them up close, we need perspective.


You'll need a power source for the transformer, and we need to know where that is or will be. Many homes have a GFCI outlet right on the front porch. If you don't have an exterior GFCI outlet, you'll need to install one (you can do this yourself too. There are some great YouTube videos to tell you how. Or, you can have a licensed electrician do it for you).

We’ll probably swap a few emails and maybe even have a phone conversation to talk about your expectations, answer questions, and ask a few questions of our own.


When we feel like we have enough information, our designer will sketch out what he thinks you need and where everything should go. Then we’ll determine the fixtures and lamps you’ll need to get the effect you want. Remember about the color temperature and beam spread? They all come into play here.

Then we’ll develop a customized package that has everything in it that will be required. We’ll price the package and let you know what it will cost (there are shipping costs to be added too).

Here is a package example.

Remember, we're customizing these packaged installations just for you. We don't just go into the warehouse and pull "package A" off the shelf. A lot goes into the equipment selection.

This package example has 6 uplights and two path lights and is ideal for lighting entries to paths or entryways, bushes, trees, house facades, and architectural features. It has everything you'll need, and  costs $1575.99 usd plus shipping.

AMP 6 and 2 Kit_edited.jpg
Check out our YouTube video:
"How to Design Your Landscape Lighting"

This only a representative package, and it's not a small one. It may be more than you need for your property. You may only need three uplights and no pathlights, or you may just need a couple of pathlights. We'll make it work for your property.

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