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Happy Fall!

Soon the days will be getting shorter and it will be dark much earlier. Now is the perfect time to install landscape lighting or to upgrade your existing system.

If you have landscape lighting that’s been around for some time, we suggest you inspect and perform some maintenance on your system. Just like a car, landscape lighting fixtures (particularly the older incandescent variety) need to be cleaned and maintained regularly so they’ll perform at maximum efficiency.

Check your transformer and make sure it’s still in working order and has enough voltage for the number of fixtures you’ve got in the yard. Inspect each fixture to make sure it’s clean and straight and working as designed. Sometimes things have been moved or jostled and are just not sitting properly. Incorrectly seated fixtures greatly affect the way the light is reflected off the building and the landscape elements.

If you have solar lights, this is a good time to check those out, too. As we discussed in our post “What’s Wrong with Solar Lights?”, these are prone to problems over time. The fixtures are easily moved and may not be perfectly vertical, the panels that accept the sunlight get dirty, and the interior cells just wear out and stop working.

Make sure everything is clean and working the way you want it so you can enjoy your lighting all winter long.

If you have questions, we'd love to hear from you.

Happy Fall, y’all!

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