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Happy New Year!

Well, 2021 is in the books. Not a great year, but somewhat better than 2020. Ever the optimists, we’re hoping 2022 is going to be special.

If you put off installing low-voltage LED landscape lighting last year, don’t wait to reconsider for this year. Although we’re dealing with winter weather in most of the country (even in North Texas it’s only going to be 24 degrees in the morning), your planning can be done by the fire, or snuggled on the couch in your favorite warm sweater, or even under the blankets in bed. We’re here for you. If you have questions, email us.

This year we’ll have some new gear available, and we’ll be talking a lot more about Bluetooth and Wi-Fi remote control and color-changing options.

We will also be introducing DIY support for those of you outside our service area. We’ll help you choose the products, ship them directly to you, and tell you how to install them. You have to supply the labor of course, but if you can follow instructions, you shouldn’t have any problem. We’ll even provide support during your installation, and our usual product warranties will still apply.

If you’re thinking you can get the same results at the big box home improvement store, you’ll find a few things missing. Things like high-quality products, exceptional warranties (lifetime, in most cases), and helpful support. Yes, you’ll pay more. But your low-voltage LED landscape lighting will be around as long as you own your home, and you won’t need to run back to the home improvement store every year to replace lamps and fixtures that didn’t survive the winter.

We may even offer some solar options. Again, not the same stuff you can get down the street. These really work, and if you need to light an entrance that’s too far away from the power source to run cable, these are good solutions and that’s what we use them for. Again, yes, they’re more expensive than the stuff you get at the big box home improvement stores or from Amazon. We only work with the best manufacturers, and we use their products every day. If we say it’s good, it’s good.

We’ll also be talking about String Lights (also known as Bistro Lights, Café Lights, and Patio Lights). Again, you can buy these from Amazon for peanuts, but if you don’t install them right you will have wasted your money. And of course, we know what to look for in these fixtures and how to install them, so you won’t be disappointed when you plug them in and they don’t work, or they fly away in the wind, or a squirrel gets fried trying to eat your cable. Yes, it happens.

So stay tuned to It’s going to be an illuminating year!

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