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Keep It Simple

Low-voltage LED landscape lighting doesn’t have to be complicated, but there are some objectives that should be considered.

​We’ve talked about Beauty, Safety, and Security before (you can get more detail here and here).

Our suggestion is that you walk outside at night, all the way to the street, and look at your home as someone would see it when they’re driving or walking by.

Are there particularly dark areas? Is the walkway clearly visible? If you’ve got a step or two at the walkway, someone could easily trip and fall. This is where most people default to a couple of small solar lights. We've talked about that before, too, in this post from July 2020.

How about the landscape itself? Are there small trees or shrubs that you are particularly proud of and carefully prune and shape every year? Can you see those at night from the street?

Do you have a tree in your yard? Can you see much of the tree in the dark? Trees add a great deal to the look of the landscape and the home. Don’t you want them to stand out?

Once you’ve thought through the areas that need lighting, think about how much light you really need. In landscape lighting, a little goes a long way. The lights don’t have to be exceptionally bright. It’s about the placement.

Moonglow Lightscaping is an experienced, professional firm. We love to light smaller homes with just a few carefully placed fixtures. If you’re in our service area, email us for a free consultation. We can even place a demonstration LED system on your property for a night or two so you can see the dramatic difference good landscaping lighting can make at your home. Contact us today!

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