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Summer’s Over? Not Quite.

For many people, Labor Day and kids returning to school signals the “official” end of summer. Not so fast, friends. It’s not over yet.

There is still time to do lots of things. Temps don’t get down to freezing in most parts of the country until mid or late October (usually, but weather seems to be a lot less predictable these days).

There are end of year projects to be done.

Leaves, of course, will be dropping and need to be gathered and removed. In older days we used to burn them at the curb, but we can’t do that anymore. So, we bag ‘em or add them to compost bins.

Cover the pool. Check.

Trim the bushes. Check.

Get out the Halloween decorations. Check.

Make sure there are jumper cables and a good ice scraper in the car. Check.

Install low-voltage LED landscape lighting. Wait, what?

Yes, this is the perfect time. When daylight savings time kicks in around Halloween for those of you who are in an area that still does that, the days get short really fast. Literally overnight.

Landscape lighting, as we’ve discussed here many times, helps with not only beauty but also safety and security around your home.

If you’re in our service area, contact us now and let us give you a free quote. We’re even offering “end of summer” discounts.

If you’re outside our area, contact us anyway. We can help with do-it-yourself low-voltage LED landscape lighting projects. We can supply the products and tell you how to install them.

So, enjoy what’s left of the summer. It’s not over quite yet.

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