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Take the Challenge!

Here’s a challenge for you. One night, maybe just before you get ready for bed when it’s very dark, take this challenge to see if your home is ready for landscape lighting.

Step outside. Walk out to the street, maybe even across the street, so that you can see your entire home and landscape. Don’t turn on the porch or lantern exterior lights. Be sure there isn’t a lot of light shining out from the inside. Look at your house the way someone would see it if they were looking at your home from across the street at midnight or later when you and your family have retired for the evening.

What do you see?

Probably not a lot. It’s dark. Even if you have a streetlamp close to the front of your home, it’s there to light the street and your house won’t get much illumination from it.

Can you see the details of the landscape you work so hard to maintain? Can you see the shapes of the bushes and shrubs you trim every few months? Can you see the flowers and seasonal color you’ve planted?

If you can’t see them clearly, no one else can either.

Can you look down the side of your house all the way to the end? Are there windows on the sides? If that view looks like a long dark tunnel to you, it’s just the kind of thing that gets burglars and break-in specialists excited. Just a whole lot of nothing but darkness.

There’s a reason for the phrase “cat burglar”. Like cats, not only do burglars move nearly silently but they can almost see in the dark. All the things you can’t see from where you’re standing are exactly the kinds of things they’re looking for. The darker, the better.

What about your neighbors? Do they have lights outside that help illuminate your home?

Why are you leaving your beautiful home in the dark?

If you leave your porch light or exterior lanterns at the entries lit all night, you are using a lot of electricity. If you’re using solar lights and hoping they’ll keep you safe all-night from the stalking “cats”, you might be surprised by how dim they get after just a few hours in the darkness. They’re not much help.

Even security cameras may not see enough in deep darkness. The smart doorbell might alert you if someone comes too close to the door, but many perimeter cameras don’t have sensors. They’ll be recording images of dark figures moving about in, well, the dark. These people are professionals who know how to look for and avoid security cameras.

Now imagine what happens when landscape lighting is installed properly. To use an old cliché, it’s the “difference between night and day”.

No burglars are going to be coming anywhere near your house. They would be too visible, and they know that. Perimeter cameras can see them clearly. Your neighbors who might just happen to be looking in the right place at the right time can see them clearly. Neighborhood security and police patrol cars who might just happen to be going by your house at the right moment can see them clearly. They’d never chance it. Smart burglars will look for the darkest and most unoccupied looking home on the block.

Don’t let it be yours.

The cost of professionally installed landscape lighting is admittedly not insignificant. We don’t buy our stuff at the home improvement stores. Everything we use is very well made and warranted for life.

We know exactly how and where to place lights to get maximum benefit. We install them to work perfectly and keep working for many, many years. Even when you’re away and the house is empty, the lights will still come on automatically at the right time to protect your property. You don’t have to remember to switch anything on or off, and they use hardly any power at all.

The best part is you’ll never have to worry about “cats” again. Isn’t it worth some expense to keep your home and your family safe?

Find out before something terrible happens and you kick yourself for not having reacted sooner.

Call us. Today.

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