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We're Homeowners, Too!

At Moonglow Lightscaping, we understand the ups and downs of home ownership because we’re homeowners too.

We know all about home insurance and why you must include liability insurance in case someone hurts themselves on your property. Nobody wants that. That’s one of the reasons you need lights around your home.

We know about landscaping maintenance because we do it too. Every spring we’re out in the yard revitalizing and renovating our planting beds, rejuvenating the mulch, planting new color, trimming the shrubs and the bushes. It’s hard. It’s one of those things people both love to do and hate to do.

We’re also concerned about keeping our homes looking as new as possible. One of the ways we do that is to pressure wash the walks and the driveways. That keeps them looking like new and gets rid of the stains and color that accumulate over time.

These aren’t big or complicated tasks but they do require the right equipment, a bit of experience and expertise, and a lot of time. For many people, it’s difficult to find “extra” time these days.

Don’t overlook the little things. If you’re in our area and you need some help, email us. We might be able to find some time that you’re having trouble carving out, and we can do some of those simple tasks for you when we have people available.

We won’t charge you the ridiculous fees that some landscaping companies do, either. We don’t do that for lighting - we keep our fees reasonable and we take small jobs that most landscape lighting companies don’t want to do.

Moonglow Lightscaping is a family-owned, veteran-owned, and woman-owned company.

We’re homeowners too, and we like to help people. Email us today. Maybe we can help get your spring chores done.

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